Stephan G. Stephansson House

Pictured above are articles originally from the late Stephan G. Stephansson's study at Markerville. The renowned Icelandic-Canadian poet always referred to his study as "His Corner". These are now treasured historical articles in the library of the Icelandic chair at the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg.

The desk was made and presented to him about 1900 by his friend and neighbor John Strong.

The chair, not as old as the desk, was a gift from his wife.

The drinking horn was received by the poet in 1908, a gift from friends in Winnipeg. Engraved on the horn is a verse in ancient Icelandic and this was translated into English by the late Mr. Stephansson as follows:

"Beer I bring thee bold warrior,
Brewage of good health.
And greatest honor,
Fraught with sounding songs,
Sorcery of kindness.
Magic of friendliness
And mirthful tokens,"

The book case contains some of his favorite books.

On the desk is a stand holding a pen, ruler and ink wells. The pen and ruler are made of ebony and the ink wells of Icelandic birch. This is a present from the province of his birth when he was making a tour of Iceland in 1917.

Centered on the wall is a picture of the poet himself. To the left is a picture of other poets and writers in the Icelandic language. On the right is a picture of an Icelandic shrub sent to him from the place where he had spent his youth. Also in the frame Is a poem he had written about it.


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